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Thread: DDD Prevention

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    DDD Prevention

    Having read about the high correlation between DDD and long fusions, I was wondering whether there were measures that could be taken to prevent or delay the onset of DDD. I have seen a few articles on maintaining lower back health, but nothing specifically directed to people with fusions and instrumentation. I would appreciate any information or suggestions people might have to minimize the risk of getting DDD.

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    Hi Shelley...

    You probably should ask your own scoliosis specialist, but I believe that the things one does to try to avoid DDD are the same whether or not one has a had a spinal fusion.


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    I always wondered the same thing myself. I have reserched a bit the other day and read that sitting is harder on the lower back and discs than standing, wich is the oppostie for me, unless I don't have support from a cushion on my lower back. Also, when DDD starts apparently the pain is worse than after it has progressed.

    I don't know exactly what the pains are?

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