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Thread: Are You A Surgeon Ready To Take On A Big, Big Challenge??

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    Are You A Surgeon Ready To Take On A Big, Big Challenge??


    ARE YOU A SURGEON READY TO TAKE ON A BIG, BIG CHALLENGE??? ~ If so, I am asking you to PLEASE try and help FRANKIE BUSH! He has the most severe case of scoliosis that I've ever seen in my life. (...and I'm 60 years old...) ~ He has a single HUGE curvature that makes his entire body lean so far to his left that I don't even know how he functions at all... He has already had several surgeries. PLEASE go to his website at... ~ He will welcome personal email from you ~ and here is his email address: ~!

    I am only one of many, many, scoliosis friends of Frankie's. He has so many scoliosis friends on the Internet all over the United States and the World. ~
    PLEASE help...

    Most Sincerely and full of "HOPE" for Frankie,
    Irene Wilkey
    502 S. Dogwood Street
    Belle Rive, IL 62810
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    ~ Irene ~
    Lumbosacral Scoliosis: Corrective surgery (12 hours anterior and posterior) on June 19, 2002 at age 56; Surgeon: Lawrence G. Lenke; Hospital: Barnes in St. Louis, Missouri; Pre-Op 58/56 degrees "S" curve; Post-Op: 40/33 degrees; Fusion: T-11 to S1

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    I thought he had an appointment with Dr. Boachie in Manhattan-Hospital For Special Surgery??? Did he ever go???
    He is the one to see. I think if anyone can help him he can.

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    try shriners hospital in philly dr betz is the best

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