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Thread: Spondyolothesis /Surgeon

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    Spondyolothesis /Surgeon

    I have been waiting for an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon since last May. I finally have an appointment in early January with Dr. Robert McBroom in Mississsauga Ontario !! Has anyone ever heard of him? I look forward to hearing his recommendation.

    I know surgery is imminent as I'm experiencing great pain in my lower back, (the discs below my fusion & rods), and my left leg goes numb when standing or walking. I had CD rods and full fusion 20 years ago and have degenerating discs and spondyolothesis. I have been seeing an excellent physiotherapist who has helped me with the pain, and also to learn about the spondyolothesis that is causing alot of my pain. I would like to hear if anyone else has this problem, and how they are coping or what type of surgery they have had to correct this.

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    Hi Carol...

    I haven't heard anything about him. If you need a second opinion, Stephen Lewis in Ontario has had excellent training.

    Best of luck!


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