I am new here and can't seem to find my way around!...

I have such a need to find advise and help please.

I have lived with bad pain since 2002.. and life as become the pits.

I have three degenerative disc - one at top and two at bottom..

It has got so bad I have been in a wheelchair for the past 12 months.. I am awaiting trial for a new disc replacement here in uk.

I was promised I would have them asap.. now told that due to having harrington rods in back I am unable to be part of the trials and have to wait 1 -2 years when medical trial results are in.. only if good can they help me..

I can't live like this.. I have two children and a husband that are the best and they do all to help.. I need a good night sleep..

It's a killer to sit and type this but I need to find some answers and to find out if anyone else is like this or it is just me!

I have been told that the disc degeneration is nothing to do with RODS OR SCOLIOSIS! - what do you think?

That you for taking the time and reading my post...

Kind Regards

sad Uk Lady age 30 - scoliosis correction 1990 (15 years ago)