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Thread: Just a few Questions

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    Just a few Questions

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could help me answer a few questions. I had a spinal fusion operation when i was 13 in 1997 and had rods put in operation went fine recovery fine and have been fine since except found out a month ago i had an infection in the rods. My Doc took the rods out op went fine but due to severity of infection my wound drained for three wks which im told was normal. my wound has started to heal now but ive noticed my back has gotten a bit swollen which was the first symptom i got before i had rods taken out.ive been assured by a family friend whos a nurse that its probably fine and i wouldnt need to go back to hospital and that all it would need is maybe antibiotics. the thing is im petrified of going back to hospital and am actually scared to tell my Dr about the swelling. Has anyone else had similar problem?

    Also i just want to ask anyone if their scoliosis caused a shortness in one of their legs, i have a slight shortness and was wondering what my options are?


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    Same Problem

    Hi Lula,
    Yes ! My husband also developed an infection in his rods & screws. He also had to have his removed. He also noticed the swelling an increased pain before the removal of the hardware . His infection turned out to be a staff infection an recquired 6 wks of IV antibiotics at home an 6 months of oral antibiotics after that. Do you know what sort of infection you had ? Are you still takeing a antibiotic ???

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