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    Erin got her CTLSO brace today. It was very different from what I was expecting. I was expecting this metal and leather thing, and this is foam and plastic (purple with butterflies)

    So far she seems to be tolerating it fairly well. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

    We go for an xray on the 23rd to make sure that everything is where her ortho wants it to be.
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    Wink brace

    hello. my daughter, alisynn, has an 82 degree curved spine. she was fitted for a brace today and we get it next week.her dr. told me she needs to wear it 23 hrs. a day. she is too young for surgery. doing surgery now would mean, her lungs would never develop more than a 3yr. olds lungs. that scared me into making sure she will always wear her brace!! good luck!

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