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    We were told yesterday that our Daughter Hailey has scoliosis and fused ribs. She is very little for her age, 15 months. She weighs just under 15 lbs and is 26 inches. Since birth she couldn't fully turn her head, which the dr said we would watch. We also noticed that one shoulder was a good inch higher than the other. 2 months ago she got a bad cold/infection and couldn't get rid of it, we were put on antibiotics and it finally went away. Last Tuesday we were sent for blood work up and a sweat test, which were all neg. Yesterday we were in for her check up and we brought up her shoulder again. He sent us for xrays and that night called to tell us she had scoliosis. We were sent for full body xrays today and have an appt. with John Smith an Orthopedic Nov. 30th. Her Ped. told us that her curve was 35%. I have been looking for information. Waiting 3 weeks is going to seem like forever. Anyone is the same situation.


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    Hi Tammy,

    I'm following you everywhere! Welcome. I hope you find a place that gives you the information and experiences you are looking for. Keep me posted.
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