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Thread: Scoliosis and fashion design

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    In designing clothes for scoli patients, be they in a brace or a body cast my suggestion would be to take the current styles and "supersize" them.

    Back in '75 when I was in a cast from my neck to bottom of my buttocks, I would buy clothes that were several sizes larger than my non-cast body would require.

    What I found horrid though were the winter months when I couldn't wear clothes that hugged my body to maintain the warmth - I was always freezing! Maybe now a days a super duper oversized underarmour would do the trick - don't know.

    Nice though to think of doing a line for the brace and cast folk! kudos to you!

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    My daughter wanted to wear clothes over her brace until we went into GAP and bought the only pair of jeans that fit over the brace. She was appalled at how much larger they had to be, so she took them back and bought another pair of low slung slim fit jeans and just cinched that brace over the top. It could not have been comfortable, but it was mind over matter at that point.

    That first day when we were shopping the girls in Victoria's Secret were incredibly mean to her, they refused to help her and would not let her go into the fitting room with her brace on. It was awful. In a way I think that made Moriah so angry she refused to hide her brace. She had been embarassed about the brace, then she got angry and decided looking flexible and shaping with an amazing plastic corset was great. She also chose to buy a cute bra in a department store, and we called and reported the girls to the regional office. They were really cruel.

    My daughter got a bunch of tiny cotton camisoles to wear under the brace, then wore cool see-through embroidered things on top, or maybe an indian print, or cool sixties-ish tunic thing, or short leather jackets, anything with a lot of style. Usually the tops were A line, with ties that pulled them in to the brace and then flared out a little around the hips and the tops of the thighs. Before this she hated shopping, after this she would go every once in a while into cool areas, like Berkeley and San Francisco looking for items with a lot of style. She also picky about money and loves the fact that she can get stuff off the clearance rack, but we live in California and few people wear anything formal. She wore cool jewelry, hats if they worked, and always wore super slim jeans under the brace. She didn't want to buy stuff that went over the brace very much in a baggy way, because she thought the brace was made for her form, was super tight and held anything that was soft in, so clothes looked pretty good fitted. The more fitted the clothes, the more she felt people could see her instead of "her hiding the brace". She was pretty sold on avoiding surgery, so she wore it always (except when exercising, showering, or going to dances once every two months). The only thing she hated about the way she looked in the brace was how much higher one shoulder was than the other shoulder.

    Unfortunately her curve is pretty committed to continuing, so she needs surgery now 18 months post-brace.

    - Martha K

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