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Thread: Has anyone had L4-5 S1 fusion?

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    Has anyone had L4-5 S1 fusion?


    I am a 23 year old female who has gone through 4 surgeries since I was 14 for scoliois. My last surgery was 8/11/05 for fusion of T10-11 due to a crack in my fusion. I have been experiencing extreme pain since my 2nd surgery. It has taken 5 years for anyone to figure out what has been wrong with me. I am very frusterated that all these surgeries has not done anything for me. I am now facing another surgery for fusion of L 4-5 S1. I want to know if anyone has had a fusion this far down? And to get as much info on the outcome and if it relieved their pain? I have had my past 2 surgeries by Dr. Pashman at Cedars Sinai hospital in los angeles. I do trust him and he is a excellent dr but i am nervous about this surgery. If anyone has had this surgery can you please let me know how you are doing now. Will this decrease my mobility alot. I am fused from T1-L3. Dr.Pashman states that he feels that all the pressure from all the other vertabrea are putting strain on L4-5 S1 and that in turn is causing my extreme pain. If anyone can help please let me know.


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    Question Fused T2/S2

    Hi Sarah,
    I'm Rhonda! This is my first time responding to anyone, hope it helps!!!
    My first fusions T2/L4 lasted 21 years, then revision to S2. My pain was gone
    but I had major issues with the inability to bend at the waist,such as: how to shave my legs, put on socks,tie my shoes,ETC!!!.You didn't mention your currant condition other than pain! and how sure are you about your surgeon?
    You've had how many sx in a short amount of time? Any 2nd opinions? and it took two years to find the source of your pain? I don't mean to sound so neg,
    but I've been through alot from age 10/42. I was very blessed to have my first sx last so long, especialy as active as I was. But you have had so many sx already, are you sure? I'm not an athority by no means, But I truely feel for you.and am concerned.Ask ?'s,know what they will do and why and ? prognosis, keep asking till you get the answers, okay!!!
    what ever you choose I wish you all the best.
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    Hi Sarah,

    If it were me, I would get at least 2 other opinions... here are some doctors I have heard mentioned a lot:

    1) Dr Akbarnia (La Jolla, Ca) - I have seen him myself
    2) Dr LaGrone (Amarillo, Tx) - I sent him my films and am waiting for his reply
    3) Dr's Hu & Berven (San Fransisco, Ca) - I know of a few people that have gone to Dr. Hu for surgery...

    Hope this helps.. and I hope you get the right doctor to help you!!!

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