Question: Will using an inversion table cause any problems with my Harrington Rods.
I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 17 (1968) Had a Harrington spinal fusion Jan 1969. I have had an active life in all sports, and at the age of 54 Iím playing tennis, golfing and ATVing. The only pain I get is in my lower back when Iím bending over for extended periods. example: weed wacking,cutting grass, practice putting, walking, etc. I was researching Inversion tables when I came across this site and after a couple of searches found nothing on any one using inversion that has the Harrington Rods. I have found that twisting and stretching exercises and swimming has helped when I stay at it and do them regularly. Also in 1999 i was treated for a pinched nerve in my L5.I recieved 3 consecutive Epiderals (1 week intervals) with cortisone and have no problems since. So I would like to try inversion to see what effect it will have mixed in with my exercises. So if any one has info to my question, I would greatly appreciate your information. Thanking you in advance