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Thread: Drs. offer different advice- who to trust?

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    Question Drs. offer different advice- who to trust?

    Hello everyone. I am 26 years old and first was put into a Milwakee brace at age 8. By 12 I had spinal fusion C6-L2 (don't remember degrees, but was one of the most progressive they'd ever seen)CD?(saw from the pictures) at the Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL. I NEVER had pain the entire surgery or even pain when I had the braces...I went through those ones made out of plastic that goes right around the breast area and down to the hips too. This may have been because my mom is a nurse and was there my whole surgery pushing the button that gave drugs. Afterwards, I had NO physical therapy, although I have heard that that is normal because kids are so active and alot don't need it- I was a swimmer and very active before and after. Anyway, I had no treatment or check ups because my family was military travelling over seas and just didn't get any. About 2-3 years ago I started having upper back pain. I had worked at a physical therapy clinic and they showed my exercises, but they didn't really help. I then self-referred to a specialist in Boulder,CO whick said she needed to some anterior/posterior thing soon. I wanted a 2nd opionion and went to a neurosurgeon and he told me he would put screws in each individual vertebrae and attatch them only C7-C3 posteriorly. I was going to go through him then I didn't have anyone to take care of me suddenly. I tried a Chiropractor and he did a couple of adjustments and said I needed like 48 and insurance only covered 24, he wanted up front payment, so stopped that. Then last year I went to a surgeon in Denver. He said my neck was inline with my chin and said I didn't need surgery! Who the heck do you trust?? What about payment??? I have insurance, but can barely afford rent! Geez.....any comments....specially about any good surgeons in the Denver area??

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    Hi - My suggestion would be to get a couple more opinions (and try to go to a scoliosis specialist) - It can be a frustrating process but try to take notes from each doctor so you can compare with clarity!! Be Persistent and don't settle for less than acceptable answers!! Hope that helps some...

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    You and me both - I am going for yet another opinion in a few weeks.

    (I just posted a similar post in the surgery 1st time section.)

    This is soooo frustrating, and it seems the more info I try to get, the more confused I become!
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    Good luck all of you searching for the best things to do for your situations. Trusting in God will also help. This forum was extremely helpful for me, so continue using all the advice you can! Keep up the good work! I was amazed at the amount of people who do not research and just do what the first doctor says without getting even 2nd opinions or reading about scoliosis surgery or talking to others who have had it!!! We on this forum are all at least gathering good info to be sure we make the most healthy, educated decisions, with God's help, for ourselves and our families regarding our futures with scoliosis. Give yourselves a good pat on the back and your decisions will come with your intense research. Keep up the good work! I often surprised the medical staff with my knowledge of the issue as I questoned and compared choices out loud with them. I think they are used to patients just doing what they say without understanding what is going on. Kris

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