Hey everyone-
Just thought i would do a little updating. On September 23rd i went back to my surgeon for my 3 month check up post opp. I had my x-rays done and everything turned out ok. THe porblem is is that i have been having a lot of pain in my lower back and hips, and also my upper back(pretty much my whole spine) so he decided to put me on anti-inflammatories...for a year. Has anyone else had any experience with anti-inflamatories? Do they work well or are they a waste of time? I go back in another 3 months and they are going to do a CT Scan to make sure everything is still right, but i have this feeling that i have messed the instrumentation up again..since that is the reason i had this surgery. Im starting to become very frusterated and i feel like theres nothing any one can do for me and i am going to be in pain for the rest of my life considering i've been to three different doctors for this recent pain and none of them know whats going on. If anyone can give me some advice, let me know! Thanks