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Thread: Getting Scared-Need Some Support

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    Getting Scared-Need Some Support

    Hello everybody...I've been reading but never posted. I am 53 years young and had my 1st surgery in 1964 in Rochester with Dr. Louis Goldstein, where Harrington rod was put in at T5 and up. That was perfectly OK until I herniated T4 after 3 pregnancies, lots of jazzercise, etc. I was nursing it along when I slipped on some ice and then was in a car accident. I had emergency fusion 7/2005 as T5 and everything down to tailbone had deteriorated. I still have lots of nerve damage in left foot. I recovered good and was doing OK but for the past 2 years I've been in more and more pain with more and more loss of leg and foot feeling and control. Been seeing Dr. Paul Rubery at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester and am scheduled to have surgery in October to remove most of the original rod, refuse the bottom with my bone chips, and possibly stabalize the whole shebang with rods from T5 area to my hip bones, which will also give me an arch.

    I can't live on pain meds anymore and I am pretty restricted to lifestyle. Plus all I seem to want to do is lie down.

    I have faith and trust in my doctor and the hospital and understand the surgery, but I am starting to get "nervous."

    Anybody out there who I can talk to? ANybody out there have this kind of surgery? Any information and/or support would be great! Thanks!!


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    Hi LimaMom,
    I'm 56 years young and am currently 3 1/2 weeks post op from surgeries on Sept. 8th and 13th. I had the lower part of my Harrington rods taken out, had anterior/posterior fusion with BMP (in the front) and bone chips from the old fusion (in the back) to fuse from L-4 to the sacrum and had an osteotomy to correct flat back. Believe me, I was scared too! I gathered as much strength and support as I could from friends and family, and from reading what other had to say on the forum. I tried to keep a good mental attitude throughout, and set low expectations. I knew there would be pain. Everything has gone better than expected. The first 3-4 days post-op were the worst, then things began to improve. I'm walking every day, doing the simple exercises, and taking my meds as ordered. I've already started to cut back on the pain pills - yea!

    I know my surgery is not exactly the same as yours, but I did have the tingling and weakness in my leg and foot, and pain every day. I wish healing thoughts and prayers.

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    Hi there - I can relate - feel free to email me to chat about this: - take care!!

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    Sending healing thoughts

    I am sending you deepest good thoughts and prayers
    I am 56. living in Toronto ... original Herrington fusion done 41 yrs ago -now degenerative above/below fusion, lots of pain, no longer working ... find that muscle relaxants work but knock the stuffing out of me for days in bed. Both legs are dislocated in hip sockets due to spinal curve & collapse and my rt arm is restricted due to rotation & spasming >my chiropractor helps as does acupuncture ... difficulty sitting as ribs rest on pelvis, difficulty holding my head. I had an MRI attempt months ago with a severe heat reaction to the metal instrumentation and am now permanently bruised at the top of my spine where the rod starts, destabilized my cervical spine I'm to have all metal removed in order to have an MRI, then complete fusion ... and I'm scared. It is perfctly natural to be scared. Being in touch with others in the same boat really is encouraging.
    I use pillows under my elbows and high-backed seating to support my head ... memory foam on top of my good mattress as well as memory foam cushioing under me for sitting and driving. I've become the queen of cushions!!!!!
    I wish you gentleness and a good recovery.

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