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Thread: Difficulties with Diagnostic Tests

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    Difficulties with Diagnostic Tests

    I am wondering if anyone has experienced difficulties getting some (relatively) standard diagnostic tests done, pre-revision surgery. I have flatback, and am seeing a surgeon in AZ who has done more revision sugeries than any other surgeon in our state. He ordered a myleogram with cervical puncture and CT scan. He indicated that the instrumentation in my back would not allow for a good MRI.

    Long story short, several hospitals have declined to do my myleogram. I can't have a traditional myelogram which would be done in the lumbar region, due to scar tissue and the harrington rod. The hospitals I've been to thus far cite the risk of doing a cervical puncture as the reason they don't want to do the procedure. My order is currently being reviewed by a Neuro Surgeon at Mayo, and I'm hoping to hear something soon.

    Just curious if anyone else has had such difficulties. I've been trying to get this test done since July 27. I'm really starting to worry about having the test, even if I can find someone to do it now!
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    Hi Deb...

    Has the hospital where you'll have the surgery also turned you down? If so, I think you need to talk to the surgeon about what to do.


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    Hi Deb - I too have Herrington Rods and I have recently been through a series of tests: MRI, CT scan, x rays and am waiting to go get a bone scan - There may be other reasons for the decline other than the rods - maybe talking to your doctor as Linda suggested, You may also consider shopping for a place to do (the MRI) as if you were a cash paying customer - just to see if you get another answer?? - I wish you luck!!

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