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    My daughter has been diagnosed with scoliosis. We have been informed by our family Dr. that the radiology report states a 28% curvature. We are scheduled to see a DO friday. I was just wondering how bad is a 28% curvature.

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    Mary Lou Guest
    Since you are posting in the adolescent section, I'm guessing your daughter is a pre-teen or teen. If that's true, 28* is not too bad. Most doctors prescribe a brace starting at about 25* or so especially if the child has a lot of growing to do.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    Mary Lou

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    Thanks for the info. And yes, she is 14. Her diagnosis is in the Lumbar spine.

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    Just a reminder not to get too panicked about the numbers. When you see a specialist they will re-do the measurements themselves. I'm assuming you are seeing a Doctor of Osteopathy = DO. I suggest you consider seeing a pediatric orthopedist who specializes in adolescent scoliosis.

    My daughter is now 19yrs old and has a lumbar scoliosis with an upper compensatory curve and rotation of the spine. She has not had surgical repair. Her curve is currently 35 degrees. Each patient is unique.

    Good luck with your upcoming appointment.
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