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Thread: H-Rods 21 yrs ago, then ddd & herniated disc, Now a bad Facet Joint??

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    H-Rods 21 yrs ago, then ddd & herniated disc, Now a bad Facet Joint??

    Hi, I'm new to this so please bear with me.. I also have never had a chance to converse with others that have been through what I have been through.

    From surgery in 1984 til about 3 years ago - I did not have any pain or lifestyle changes associated with the H-Rods. Other than when about 13 years ago I slipped and twisted on a wet tile floor causing 3 herniated disc's. My life was "normal" - about 3 years ago I began having (infrequent) pain mainly associated with sitting, bending, lifting -basically "moving" in general. I began going to the doctor in June of last year - They did the usual tests: x-ray, MRI & CT scan. The Dr says I have DDD. But, not at the area where I was having most of my pain. So, I was sent to a Neuro Dr - He basically told me to "Live with it" - He can't promise to help me, may even Hurt Me??!!! Says that by going in he could re activate the scoliosis in the lower lumar region. But sends me to an ortho - specialist at USC Medical - Who wants to send me to get a Bone Scan??!!! He thinks I may have a Facet Joint that needs attention... Has anyone ever heard of this??? Any Suggestions???

    Any help would be appreciated... (My lifestyle has really changed lately and I want to get back to "Normal".)

    Thank you!!
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    Hi Ken...

    I'd like to encourage you to see a specialist who has a lot of experience in treating people with prior scoliosis fusions. In Southern California, the only doctor I know of with such experiance, is Behrooz Akbarnia in La Jolla. Or, if you want to come up to Northern California, there's a whole team of doctors at UCSF with a lot of related experience.

    Best of luck!


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    Hi, the doctor I go to is also in So Cal. His name is Dr. David Siambanes at the Haider Spine Center located in Riverside.
    Bone Scans are fine, not too long and not painful. What they do is inject a radioactive dye into your arm that absorbs into the bone. Basically the machine helps to detect changes in bone mass. If the film turns out bright white there is much bone formation at that area and if it turns out dark than there is less bone in that area.
    Personally I have had 2 bone scans, 1 before and 1 after my surgery.

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    Thanks Linda and Curvy/Amanda!!

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