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Thread: Surgery 9/8 and 9/13

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    Surgery 9/8 and 9/13

    Hi All,
    Okay, tomorrow's D-day for me and here I am getting pumped from all the caring people like you online who have either had the surgery or are getting ready. Hat's off to all of you (and family and friends) for giving me the strength to face the surgeries head on.

    I'm 56, live in Atlanta, and will have surgery at Emory University Hospital by Dr. Horton. For those of you who will also have surgery with Dr. Horton, I personally do not think you can be in better hands. I could go on and on about all the work he and his staff have done, (often times going above and beyond), to make this whole process as smooth as possible. I will have anterior/posterior fusion from L4-S1 on Sept. 8th with cage implants and BMP. I will also have part of my harrington rod removed. On the 13th I will have an osteotomy done to correct the flatback problems. I'm looking forward to being able to "stand tall" again, even if I'm only 5'2"!

    Thanks to all of you who have shared your stories and helped me get ready. The folks at Yahoo! Groups Flatback have also been a great inspiration. I'll keep you posted on the recovery. For all those recovering - Healing thoughts! For those waiting their turn - Peaceful thoughts! For those not sure what to do - Look to the Guiding Light from above!
    Talk to you soon!

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    Best wishes for an uncomplicated surgery and recovery!


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    Praying for you!

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    God Speed !!!

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    Dianne, I hope that your surgeries go smoothly and that you are on your way to recovery at light speed. I will be praying for you.

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