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Thread: Spinecor Brace on 9/6

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    Spinecor Brace on 9/6

    I know many of you have wished to know about the experiences with the Spinecor Brace. In the interest of giving back to those of you who have helped me and my wife, I thought I would keep a journal on our experiences. As a concerned father, I am mindful of the emotions parents can go through in dealing with scolio and will publish, from time to time, them in hopes it can serve to help.
    Prior to August 26th, like most dads, my main concern was on making money to enhance the quality of life for my kids. But on that day, I felt that all come down around me. On that day, my 11 year old daughter, Nikki, was diagnosed with a 40 degree curvature and prescribed the boston brace. After some questioning, the a well-known ortho advised surgery would be likely but we should "wait and see" what bracing could do to halt the progression. My wife and I dealt with the sense of despair we felt by talking with many of you about other treatment alternatives. Yesterday, Nikki was fitted for a Spinecor brace. While we know any bracing alternative can have an immediate “in brace” impact on the curvature and takes time for its full effects to be felt, we were encouraged by the 17 degree reduction the x-rays revealed.
    So far, Nikki has taken to the brace very well. She just completed her first night in it and is getting ready to go to school. The doctor advised she begin to wear it to school on 9/12.

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    I replied to your post on SpineKids, but I just wanted to say that I am so thrilled by the sense of optimisim and hope in your post and wish your daughter success ! I'll be anxiously following your journals


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