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Thread: Bookbags?! Sandals?!

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    Bookbags?! Sandals?!

    My kindergartener has an S curve of 30 degrees and 15 degrees. I am funny about shoes, so I don't let her wear heels (even though some of her little friends do!) or sandals to school. Only good tennis shoes. Sandals or flats on Sundays.

    She has just started school and just started carrying her bookbag, but I worry! Obviously :-)! We bought the bag before the diagnosis and are still waiting to see a specialist. Sept 26, unless God provides a cancellation that we can take.

    Are sandals OK for a few hours at church? Any input on barefootin', we're in the South :-)! What about the bookbag? :-)!!! Christle

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    Hi Christle,

    How about purchasing a small fold up luggage carrier ($15.00)that she could strap down her book bag and push. After having my Scoliosis surgery, I found this to be helpful to strap down my small carry-on and push around the airport. I don't recommend twisting around and pulling, but pushing should be o.k.

    Kindest Regards,

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    Hi Christle,

    For kindergarten kids, a backpack/bookbag probably isn't heavy enough to cause a problem. I would encourage wearing a backpack that distributes the weight evenly, rather than a bookbag over one shoulder. The backpack should fit snugly against her back.

    Sandals for church are probably fine.

    It will be good to ask the ortho, but I'm sure as long as there aren't other medical issues causing a problem, she'll be just fine, and so will you.
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    I agree with Gail and Carmel: my 14 year old daughter used a luggage carrier before surgery, last year. My husband bought it: metal, folds up. We strapped her book bag to it and she pulled it behind her. She did have to lift it on the bus, but the rest of the time she pulled it. In younger years, without the loads of heavy books, I would think a properly fitted bag over both shoulders would be fine, though. In fact, the luggage carrier might be too awkward if the child is really small. My daughter is now about 5'1", if that is any help. Kris

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