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Thread: New and have many questions

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    New and have many questions

    Hello, my little girl got her brace on yesturday for the first time. I really don't have very much time but I did have a question about wearing a brace when it is raining....does it attract lightling. She has a Milwaukee brace.

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    I am pretty sure it doesn't act as a lightning rod.. no more than having another other metal on or near your person. I think lightning usually strikes the things closest to it (tallest) Like the lone tree in a flat field.

    I did a search on google and I couldn't find anything about lightning and the Milwaukee brace except for a cute joke list on (another site you might want to check out)

    We did have a post last month asking about the rods from surgery attracting lightning but no one posted any answers.

    Welcome to the forum though!
    Keep asking questions, you are definately not alone.
    Look through the posts when you have more time. There are some incredible parents on here who are or have been in your shoes.

    ...I hope someone can do better answering this question than I did ...
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