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Thread: Question about post-op brace

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    Question about post-op brace

    I will be having revision surgery in about a month. I haven't had my preop conference with the surgeon yet, but I was wondering if after surgery the brace to be worn is worn under or over my clothes. I know the type I will have will only be worn when walking, standing, etc. and not when lying down. When I had my original surgery in 1981 I wore a "corset" under my clothing for about 6 months, so this is a different brace, I think it will be made of plastic. Anyone been through this?

    Thanks, Judy K.

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    Post op brace

    I wore a Jewette brace post op for 4 months. Originally a TLSO was ordered but by the time all the swelling went down it no longer fit.

    My surgeon said the brace was mainly for "moral support" and to prevent sudden, painful movements and jolts from others.

    The brace went under my arms and consisted of some metal and plastic easily covered by a loose shirt. It's actually been so long I forgot what it looked like. It's secured at the side. It's not worn while laying down because it's uncomfortable if you do. It's only for being up any length of time.

    In the beginning I always needed to lay down because my back would get tired.

    Original scoliosis surgery 1956 T-4 to L-2 ~100 degree thoracic (triple)curves at age 14. NO hardware-lost correction.
    Anterior/posterior revision T-4 to Sacrum in 2002, age 60, by Dr. Boachie-Adjei @Hospital for Special Surgery, NY = 50% correction

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    Hi Judy...

    The post-op braces that I've seen are all meant to be worn underneath clothing. I found clothing that did a good job of hiding the brace.


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