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Thread: Broken Rod

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    Broken Rod

    Wow there is a lot to read here. How great to be in the presence of so many like me. I am 23 and I had my first surgery when I was 15. I have recently been experiencing constant lower back pain. Well the rod is broken. I haven't seen a specialist yet because I had no idea that the rod was going to break and that it was why I was having pain. That doctor told me to just leave it in there and try some different medicines to ease the pain. I really don't want to be in constant pain for the rest of what I hope is a long life. I see a specialist next week who hopefully can give me some good news on how to fix this. I basically wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know that I'm glad after 7 years to find a place to talk about this!

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    Hi Jenlw...

    If you have a broken rod, you almost certainly have an area that didn't fuse, and which is probably causing your pain. You should definitely do whatever you need to do to get referred to a scoliosis specialist.


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    Broken rod here also. I was told to live with the pain IF I could OR get surgery to see what there is to do; wich could mean either replacing the rod and add fusion, OR take the rod out if there is no pseudo arthritis(unlikely I believe) or take out one portion of the rod and add fusion.

    I have my next appointment in Sept., and will schedule surgery then.

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