Hello! let me just say this site has helped me out alot! I had my surgery when i was fifteen, i'm now 31 and have one broken rod in the small of my back (CD intrumentation main curve 90+degrees now at 67). I was in a car accident last december and every since then i have'nt been able to work because of the pain. I've been going to a pain clinic which helps a little. My doctor is Dr. Eule in Anchorage Alaska, When i saw him he told me my lower fusion did not take and i need to have all my metal taken out of my back and new stuff put in! At first i was totally against having surgery but Dr Eule explained to me my back is progresssing at about two degrees a year and its just a matter of time. My question is if my main curveture is solid and fused...why would it still progress? And also if i had the surgery would it keep me pain free or would it be a big mistake! What if right now is as good as it gets! Well i'm slowly getting up the courage to have it done, I just know that when the time comes to have it done thats when the true decision will come out!!! I might just get up and run! Anyone who as ever had it done knows why!!! MY last question is has pain medication after surgery gotten better since fifteen years ago? Sorry to ramble, and i see alot of strong people in here so dont take me as a complainer.....just frustrated.