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Thread: ( Charleston Brace )VERY SCRAD. Getting a brace

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    Question ( Charleston Brace )VERY SCRAD. Getting a brace

    I just found out i have to get a brace .. It is called a Charleston Brace and it is worn at night .. Im very scard cuz i just found out i have scoliosis and it all hit me at once.. If you dont no what this brace looks like go to .. Well it like bends you over and stuff and it looks really painfull.. I'm so scard and i was wondering if there was sum1 who has this brace or has one like it ( i dont think there is though ) and if they could tell me how long it took to get use to it.. how uncomfortable it is .. what you can do to get use to it && anything i may need to no !


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    Hi Jam

    I've never worn a Charleston Brace. There's a brace very similar (i've never seen either brace in real life but in pictures they look pretty much identical to me) to the Charleston; called a Providence Brace (here's a picture of the providence if you'd like a squiz)

    Have you headed over to Spinekids. On that site, you'll find a bunch of very friendly and helpful teenage girls (and a few boys to lol) who have scoliosis; there're in various stages of treatment; wait and watch, bracing or surgery. There're very helpful and are good at answering questions and give advice about what it's like to have scoliosis and be a teen too. They also chat about movies, TV shows...anything really.

    On the website there's a few girls who either currently wear a Charleston or a Providence or who wore one in the past. They'd be probably be able to give you some good tips and advice.

    Thing's I've read about wearing the Charleston/Providence include

    :Lots of pillows can be helpful in making you comfortable in bed
    : The most comfortable position to sleep in the brace is on your back

    Getting a diagnosis of scoliosis is a scary thing...there's no denying that.....and then being told you need to wear a brace can be pretty scary too.....but you will get time you will get used to it and it'll all seem less scary. Really :-)

    Best wishes

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    dont worry

    hey jam! ive also nvr wore a charlston but i do have providence.. i jsut got it last week! and i kno it looks scary but its not as bad as what it look like.. the few first nites yur back may be alil sore but it shouldnt hurt..also when u take it off u can almost see your back looking alittle bit better... atleast for me anyway... but if u have ne quiestion on it or wuteva jsut ask me id b glad to answer them!

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    first of all, calm down. it all seems shocking and scary at first, but it's really ok.
    i had a charleston brace that i wore for 1 year. the first night that i had the brace, i couldn't sleep very well because of the discomfort and weird position. but by the end of 1-2 weeks or so, i was used to it mostly and could sleep better. you'll get used to it gradually and then it'll "click" and will be ok.
    i used to sleep with 5 or 6 pillows underneath me in order to give me the most comfortable position to sleep in and it worked.-i eventually got used to it and didn't mind it at all.
    and i would wear some kind of seamless t-shirt or body sock kind of thing underneath the brace so it doesn't irritate the skin.

    hang in there and good luck!!!

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