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Thread: keloid scars/scoliosis

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    keloid scars/scoliosis

    I was thinking about the fact that I form keloid scars and will probably have a very ugly surgical scar. Scoliosis may be caused by collagen tissue disease and keloid scars are formed by collagen tissue. Does anyone else get keloids? Keloids are formed with greater frequency in the hispanic and black race.I know race distinction is diminishing,but Is scoliosis more prevalent (or less prevalent) in a particular race? I hope someday to read in detail the exact cause(s) of scoliosis and cures that don't require fusion.

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    I don't have answers to your questions, but just wanted to comment that my 10yr old son has had multiple back surgeries (lengtheng the rods supporting his spine and chest). His back scars heal VERY well. They continue to stay very narrow and tiny and pink. However, he had surgery on his ankle in March 2004. That scar is a vertical scar about 3 inches long. It became a bad keloid scar that required a plastic surgeon doing injections every 6 weeks to reduce the size and sensitivity of the scar. The scar is still not "normal" but much better than it was before the injections. Interesting that he keloids only on his foot and not his back (knock on wood he never does). BTW, we are caucasian. Two of my three children have scoliosis - totally unrealted - one is typical adolescent idipathic scoliosis, and one congenital malformations.
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