Hi again everyone!
Just dropping a quick line to let you all know that Kate had her revision surgery on Friday the 15th. It took about 4 hours and went very well. She came home yesterday and other than the surgical pain is doing very well. Her doctor gave us the hardware they took out of her (at her request). We are all amazed at the size and weight of the stuff they took out of her!!! As soon as I can I'll post of picture of all of it. Kinda morbidly interesting I guess.
There was 1 fusion that wasn't as solid as her doctor would have liked so he filled the "spongey" areas with donor bone. She will have to wear a brace for a while but we are not sure how long. On the bright side, due to the expert work of her surgeons there was no chest tube which will really speed her recovery up. She had a little air in her chest cavity and a little in her lung but all of it has been reabsorbed.
Thank you all for all of your prayers and good thoughts. I'll keep you updated on her progress.