Hi! At 16 yrs old I had spinal fusion with Harrington Rods. I am now 28 and have been having extremly bad back pain for the last couple of years. My Primary Care doctor had told me to get an MRI and go see a Neurologist. I went this past Friday night for the MRI and in the middle of the test my back began to burn and got really hot. Also, I began to feel a lot of pressure on my chest which made it hard to breathe. I immediatly pressed the call button and had the nurse come in. What she told me was the rods in my back were heating up due to the friction of the magnet. I continued to feel a burning sensation for 4 hours after that. Not only that I have worse pain now than I did before the MRI. I nervous that the MRI could have cause additional damage to my back.

Has anyone had this happen to them before?