When I was wearing my brace, I was also fitted for orthopedic shoes that were made for me because I had flat feet. This was back in the late 1950s/ early 1960s & I don't know if orthotics were available. Once I got the brace off, I started wearing tennis shoes & heels. Yrs later I got orthotics w/ heel raise on left leg due to ankle/hip pain, but they turned out not to be good for me. Then I wore Birkenstocks for years & developed a high arch. Stopped wearing those after I started Muscle Activation Technique Therapy with lots of foot work. Now wearing regular shoes (when I can find them...Ive got big feet wouldn't you know & shoes are hard to find in my size!!) ...and I've tried. Maybe there is relevance bet. scoliosis & foot orthotics but I personally doubt it.