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Thread: Free University of Georgia Apartments, Roommates, Jobs and More (

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    Free University of Georgia Apartments, Roommates, Jobs and More (

    Hey all,

    I am the founder of a new Web site called where college students can post and search FREE classified ads in housing, roommates, jobs and more. We currently have over 90 universities and more than 100,000 student job listings, thousands of which are in University of Georgia.

    What makes unique are the localized categories where students can post and search free listings. For each university, we break down on-campus and off-campus housing by street name, offer up extracurricular activities, intramural sports, textbooks, Greek life happenings and much more.

    I am posting on this online forum to spread awareness of this free service to University of Georgia students in an effort to enhance the college experience.

    If you have graduated college, you should checkout my other Website, which offers free classified listings in more than 60 U.S. cities.


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    I think the forum got spammed a bit the last few days.
    I noticed a couple other posts too..
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