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Thread: 12 Yr old dancer named Riley

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    12 Yr old dancer named Riley


    This is my first time on the board but my dad has been here asking questions. My question is for the the dancers, is there anyone else here that has had the surgury and went on to dance? That is my only real question. The doctor say's I should be clear in six months. I would be interested in IM chat with that person and I use AOL. Please send PM or explain the best way to exchange this information. I could use a friend with this sort of problem.

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    Hi Vandesha
    I was in ballet, tap, and jazz for 11 years before my surgery. I quit the year of my surgery because I was getting tired of it, but I joined color guard in high school which involves a lot of dancing. I do yoga now and teach color guard and dance. There are several things that I have trouble with, especially ballet related...basically anything that involves arching the back backwards. I am fused from right below my neck to the top of my waist, so if you think of having a board on that part of your back and dancing without being able to move it...that is basically what I can do. It will really depend on how far your surgery will fuse you. The fused part will not be able to move. If you have any more questions, or specifics, feel free to ask, I love to share!
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