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Thread: My Revision Experience/ Picture of Broken Rod

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    My Revision Experience/ Picture of Broken Rod

    Hello all-

    My name is Anna, and I'm 18 years old, and I recently had revision surgery to remove a Harrington rod I had put in place five years ago. About a year ago, I discovered that my rod had actually broken, and I started having really sharp, constant pain around the area of the fracture.

    On June 3rd, I went into the hospital for revision surgery. The pain/recovery was NOTHING like the original. I was up walking the day of the surgery, and I went home the day after. I was much more alert right after the surgery than I had been for the first. The pain lasted for about a week, but then I started gaining more and more mobility and feeling increasingly better and stronger every day. I took myself off of percocet and started taking Tylenol about the 5th day, the percocet made me very nautious and sick.

    I'm so, so grateful that I had the revision surgery done. I now have no more pain, and it's helped me feel better about my back now that I have all that metal out. Who wants something broken in them anyway?

    During the surgery, my doctor determined that the rod broke because of a pseudoarthrosis (failure of fusion) in that specific area. Apparently, micro-movement of the spine in that area eventually built up stress on the rod and broke the metal. Go figure! He removed the rod and added some extra bone graft to that spot, so hopefully I'll be home free from here.

    A month has passed, and the only complications I have developed have been a hematoma (pocket filled with blood that's common after surgery) that re-absorbed into my body in about a week, allergies to the adhesive used on the dressings, and some difficult emotional problems -- feeling sad, tired, having bad thoughts and fears about the surgery in general. I'm hopping that the stress/emotional problems I'm having will eventually get better once all the medicine has left my body.

    My doctor used the same incision as before, and my scar healed much better and faster than the previous surgery. So, I would definately recommend it to all those who are questioning having revision done. It's made my life so much better.

    I was able to keep all the metal my doctor took out of my back, and I thought you all might like to see a variation of what's inside your body. The picture linked below is of a titanium Harrington rod, measuring about 11 inches long when fitted together. The various clamps and wires were used to bolt the rod to my spine. Sorry I couldn't just attatch it, it was too big Enjoy!

    Picture of Broken Harrington Rod and Other Hardware

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