Iím new to the forum, and itís great to read others peopleís stories. I wasnít sure exactly were to post this, but Iíve been experiencing some strange things lately that are related to my surgery about 20 years ago (scoliosis & Sheurmannís kyphosis T1 to L3). Iíve always felt very lucky to have had my surgery, and it was very successful. Iíve had some back problems from surgery, but nothing lately, but Iíve had some very strange memories, nightmares, fear, etc from the surgery and its aftermath.
Iím a pretty heathly person - slightly prone to mild depression. This really caught me off-guard. A therapist mentioned that it could be post-traumatic stress disorder, but this seems I little extreme to me. One the nightmares is of waking up during surgery. I know this a common fear of many before surgery, but I don't remember ever being afraid of this. I was wondering if it could be fear of the wake-up test, but feels like actually waking up (can't see anything, can't scream,etc) I don't think the wake up test is done as much anymore, but I'm curious if it is possible to actually remember it.