I'm so glad I've found this web-site!! I thought I was alone out there. I had CD rods (similar to Harrington rods) and fusion in January of 1986 the full length of my back, with 2 vertebrae at the bottom remaining unfused to give me mobility. This corrected my scoliosis and has given me almost 20 years of a wonderful life, practically pain-free. My Dr., John Kostiak moved from Toronto, Ontario to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore shortly after my surgery, leaving me with no one to go to for check ups.

Recently, now at age 50, I've been having tingling in my left leg, and lower back pain when doing almost anything. X-rays have shown forward sliding disc of L5 in relation to S1. There is narrowing of disc space from L2 to S1. I have mid-lumbar rotoscoliosis, and moderate disc degeneration from L2 to L5 and advanced from L5 to S1. (this is all from the x-ray report, don't know what it really means...) Has anyone had similar problems? I've been reading the web-site and wonder if artificial disc replacement works. Or any other experiences or advice?

And here's a question that I need help on quickly. Does anyone know of a good doctor in Southern Ontario? I've been waiting over a month for my family doctor to refer me to someone. There is an Orthopedic Clinic in London Ontario but the waiting list to even get an appt. is unreal. And who knows if they even have a scoliosis specialist at that Clinic? (oh the traumas of Canadian Healthcare...) Thanks to anyone who responds.