I am 26 years old and from the UK. In 1994 i had a spinal fusion for idiopathic scoliosis. Pre op i was 74 degrees curved, post op 54 degrees. I also had an anteria release ( rib reduction forthe hump on my back) the fusion was high sorry cant give exact levels as don't know.
In 1996 i bagan to get a lot of pain and the harrington rod was removed as it was "taught" they never gave a proper reason that was all they said. Since then i led a normal ish life, unableto work full time as my backwas so unpredictable. Three years ago i had a little boy by c section and all has beengoing ok, up untill the last few months. I have been getting bad pains again that are not really in "a" specific area. I have also noticed that my tops keeps shifting to one side and i have never really noticed that before. I was told that once your spine is fused is cannot curve any more as it is solid bone. I have a lost some weight and have been walking and it has not improved the pain at all.
If anyone is out there in the same boat i would really like to talk as i really don't know whats goign on? Is this it for the rest of my life? I have been to my Gp and all he has done is prescibed me with painkillers, anti inflamaty and muscle relaxants, surley i can't keep popping pills can i?
I look forward to hearing from anyone as i don't know anyone else with my condition and could really do with a talk.
thanks for reading this