Hi again,
I have posted on the "Revision" thread before for my daughter Kate (hence the name! ). Kate had spinal fusion in November 2003 T11-L3 (she was 16)with an anterior/posterior approach. Since then she has been in constant pain from the rod (you can actually feel the rod by touching her lower back). Dr. Ferrick did the original surgery and now Kate is scheduled to have all the hardware (except for the cages) removed on 7/15/05 in hopes of relieving her pain.
I love Dr. Ferrick to pieces. I think he is a wonderful, caring, talented surgeon, but putting my daughter through this kind of pain again with no guarantees that it will "cure" her pain is just tearing me apart. I know she can't go on living with pain killers everyday for the rest of her life, either. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever dealt with or heard of Dr. Ferrick (and I guess some kind words of support wouldn't hurt either ). Anything to put my mind at ease I guess.
Not that it has anything to do with it, but Kate was supposed to donate 2 pints of her own blood for the surgery. This morning was supposed to be her 2nd (and final) pint. They pricked her finger for the iron test, she asked if she could use the Ladies Room and promptly threw up. Knowing what she knows from the last surgery, she is just so scared and nervous. She is scheduled to start college on 8/22 and we both wonder if she will be able to. So many things in our minds (and I have such a small space to store them in! )
Sorry about the rambling...it's either write or cry and I am running out of make-up to reapply!
I am going to post this same message in the "Revision" section to see if anyone has any similar experiences.
Thanks for letting me vent.
Kathy (kates mom)