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Thread: Scoliosis and menstrual problems

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    Question Scoliosis and menstrual problems

    Dear forum members,

    I need your input.

    Is there any link between their scoliosis and menstrual problems, especially pain?

    My understanding that there is no direct connection between the two.
    Am I right?

    And, is there any study on scoliosis and menstrual problems?
    (I could not find any on PubMed.)

    Thanks in advance.


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    If you do a Google search on scoliosis and menstrual, you will find a lot of sites which state that scoliosis causes menstrual problems, but none of those I looked at provided any evidence to support this. I don't know of any research into the subject.

    I'm sure it is true that a lot of women with scoliosis have menstrual problems, but is also true that a lot of women WITHOUT scoliosis have menstrual problems

    From personal experience ( I have scoliosis) I had irregular periods and significant pain from the ages of 12 to 18. When I went to university and lived in a women's college my periods became regular, and mostly pain-free. When I finished college the problems returned. A year later I started taking the combined contraceptive pill, and I have been pain-free ever since. This strongly suggests my problems were caused by hormonal imbalances not by the scoliosis. (Research has shown that when women spend a lot of time together, as at college, they react to each others hormones, and their menstrual cycles can become synchronised).


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    Smile Scoliosis and menstrual pain

    Thank you nutmeg for your reply.
    Yes, I'd heard about menstrual cycles influencing others.

    As you've said, I found a lot of sites on "scoliosis and menstrual
    problems." Interestingly, however, most of the sites which state that scoliosis causes menstrual (cycle) problems seemed to be of alternative treatments....

    Many scoliotic women ask me if their menstrual pain is because of
    their scoliosis. In Japan, where I am located, pain is the most often complained menstrual problem. I
    always answer them that 2 out of 3 Japanese women (with or without scoliosis) suffer from menstrual pain and that mental stress and other daily life factors seem more likely to have an influence on it than scoliosis itself.
    Though I think, lumber curves, as it rotates the pelvis, might cause menstrual disturbances... Just a possibility...


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