Thank you nutmeg for your reply.
Yes, I'd heard about menstrual cycles influencing others.

As you've said, I found a lot of sites on "scoliosis and menstrual
problems." Interestingly, however, most of the sites which state that scoliosis causes menstrual (cycle) problems seemed to be of alternative treatments....

Many scoliotic women ask me if their menstrual pain is because of
their scoliosis. In Japan, where I am located, pain is the most often complained menstrual problem. I
always answer them that 2 out of 3 Japanese women (with or without scoliosis) suffer from menstrual pain and that mental stress and other daily life factors seem more likely to have an influence on it than scoliosis itself.
Though I think, lumber curves, as it rotates the pelvis, might cause menstrual disturbances... Just a possibility...