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Thread: is surgery worth it?

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    is surgery worth it?

    This is a question for all of you who had surgery to correct scoiliosis. Would you do it again if you can turn back the hands of time? Or do you have any regrets in your decision to have surgery? The reason I'm asking is, having surgery is a very big decision and very scary one. I want to hear from experienced and helpful people like you. Thanks.

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    I would definitely have surgery again.

    I'd like to warn you against judging the results of your poll as gospel. I believe that most people who have surgery get on with their lives, and have no need for forums such as this one.

    Here are some URLs for abstracts of recent studies on scoliosis surgery outcomes:

    With all that said, I would still encourage you to avoid surgery if you feel you can live with your current situation and that your curve or curves aren't progressing. Here's an abstract of a recent study of scoliosis patients who didn't have surgery:


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