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Thread: what are causes of scoliosis??????

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    Exclamation what are causes of scoliosis??????

    i would like to know what would cause scoliosis. i have 3 other kids that are healthy.

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    Congenital Scoliosis Info

    I found this article extremely helpful about congenital scoliosis here is the link

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    Hi Karenmar,

    I have three children. One (my oldest and only daughter) has the typical adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. No surgery needed for her. She is now 19yrs old with a stable 30 degree lumbar curve.

    My youngest child, Braydon, was born with severe congenital scoliosis. He is a VACTERL patient. His birth defects are not a genetic issue (at least no one can confirm there is a genetic component to VACTERL birth defects - all chromosomes are normal, etc.). In addition to his congenital bone malformations in the spine, he also has rib malformations, hip issues, a right clubfoot with 8 toes, right leg dysplasia, malformed kidneys, etc. Structurally he is not put together correctly. However, his function is normal (i.e., his kidneys are healthy, he walks/runs, etc.). There are several facilities who are studying the cause of scoliosis (idiopathic and congenital) but as yet, I don't think there are any confirmed answers. I've accepted the statement "a fluke during fetal development" as the cause of Braydon's problems.

    Good luck!
    mom to Kara, idiopathic scoliosis, Blake 19, GERD and Braydon 14, VACTERL, GERD, DGE, VEPTR #137, thoracic insufficiency, rib anomalies, congenital scoliosis, missing coccyx, fatty filum/TC, anal stenosis, horseshoe kidney, dbl ureter in left kidney, ureterocele, kidney reflux, neurogenic bladder, bilateral hip dysplasia, right leg/foot dyplasia, tibial torsion, clubfoot with 8 toes, pes cavus, single umblilical artery, etc.

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    Smile An informative site if interested...

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