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Thread: Does anyone know how I can take oxygen on an airplane?

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    Question Does anyone know how I can take oxygen on an airplane?


    I have an appointment with Dr. Boachie on August 8 th. I will be flying from Las Vegas to New York, and I'm still not sure whether or not I will need to take oxygen on the airplane. But if I do, does anyone know how they do that? I heard they do not allow oxygen to be taken on the airplane? Does anyone know for sure remember I'm in Las Vegas.

    Thank you all very much, Frankie

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    According to this article:

    "there's no uniformity to what the airlines offer. If you require oxygen, you need to do careful checking or have your travel agent investigate and make the necessary arrangements before you book a flight."


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    Like Linda said, each airline has their own policy. All of the children I know who travel with oxygen have to make arrangements with the airline to use AIRLINE oxygen on the plane. Once they land, they have arranged for the oxygen supply company to have a tank available at the airport to switch to. I don't believe they will allow you to bring your own oxygen with you. Call the airline directly to make those arrangements. Good luck to you!
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    hi frankie

    i am so happy you are going to see dr. boachie. I think if anyone can help you, he is the one. Did you read the article on him under: Other forms of scoliosis. He is truly amazing.

    Good luck

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    Hey Frankie, Good luck with Dr. B. From what I've read on the site, as Jennifer says he is the guy for you! Take care Laura
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