I had my upper lombar fused in surgery when I was 13 years old, after wearing a brace from ages 6-13. Now I am 22 years old and I'm scared I will have to have surgery again, to revise my current state. I do not have very good posture, although I try to sit up straight, it's hard to do when your back is naturally curved. I have two steel bars in my back, one on each side of my spine, fused to the spine with hooks and wires. I had a lower crossbar to hold the bars together, but a couple of years ago, my x-rays revealed that that bar broke, but the doctor said it should be fine unless I start to feel pain. Now one of my bars is somewhat protruding in my back. Like when I sit down and my back is against the hard back of a chair, it hurts because the bar is touching the chair through my back. Is this normal? Should I go have this checked out? I'm just curious, because although a second surgery does NOT sound like a picnic at all, I would rather have it corrected than have something bad happen. Also, I have this fear of a doctor re-correcting my back and me becoming paralyzed, even though I know they are professionals. Just the thought of my back being "tampered" with again, scares me. Anyways, if anyone has had a second surgery, could you please let me know how it went? Any other moral support/advice is also welcome!

Thanks, Julie!