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Thread: Motion Sickness

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    yes Linda,
    I have motion sickness, not so much while travelling in a car, but I feel instantly ill if I try to read, or dial a mobile phone during travel.I also cannot bounce on a kid's bouncy castle or trampoline.After only a few bounces I get off and literally cannot stand upright from dizziness and disorientation.
    I have had vertigo twice which my doctor has described as a benign positional type of vertigo, which is quite likely due to disturbance of calcium crystals in the inner ear fluid.I'm aware of the suggestion that an inner ear problem and scoliosis may be remotely connected.It's an interesting topic Linda.
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    Hi there,

    I never had any motion sikness in car or bus, but in last few months I've been experiencing vertigos which are very uncomfortable. I've visited chiro and they've stopped..Did anyone had such an experience and does that have anything to do with scoliosis?
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