umm, I'm 15 almost 16, and I had my surgery two and a half years ago. In August of 2001. I am very active and love sports. I play basketball, football, and soccer. I didn't let the one year recovery time stop me from doing the stuff I loved. I play for my high school soccer team now and i'm trying out next year for football and basketball team. Soraya and Lisa I hope your surgeries go great. But don't let your limitations hold you back. I had people yelling at me every day to stop playing basketball and stop juggling my soccer ball, but I never did. And it has helped me stay in great shape so when I could try out for teams I didn't have a whole lot of conditioning work to do. I hope you guys surgery go well, and you get out and start having fun. Helpful hint* bring a pillow when you leave the hospital after the surgery. You would never guess how much it hurts your back that ride home. a pillow helps. cya, -Alleycat