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Thread: Scared to death in Iowa

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    My husband Cory aand I moved our family from Colorado to Iowa last year.

    Scared to death in Iowa

    My 11 year old son is an " incomplete quadrapalegic" due to a stroke that he had in utero. His spinal cord begins to frey at the c7 level. Although Zach is confined to a power wheelchair we have been blessed by the Lord that his mind is in perfect condition allowing him to be mainstreamed into the regular school system. Zach's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday May 31st, Postior spinal fussion, due to neromuscular scoliosis, with a 42% curve. I am just trying to get some courage and be strong for Zach as my husband has been deployed and will leave the day of the surgerey. We as a family have made the choice to continue with the operation, and are praying that we have been guided by the Lord and wonderful Doctors to this time in our lives, so that Zach can have a successful surgery and a wonderful year next schoool year! I would love to here any comments or expectations (good and Bad) about what I, as a mother should expect the day of and the first week of the surgery, just so that I feel a little more prepaired in both my heart and my mind. Thank You all for any helpful advise that you have to offer. Lisa

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    First, please tell your husband I said thank you for serving our country and that my prayers will be with him for a safe and speedy return.

    You asked what to expect with surgery for your son. I would suggest going to the surgery section and start reading or doing a search to find threads about surgery. Several of us have discussed our children's surgery experiences and if you still don't find what you need, feel free to ask. Please know that everyone on this forum will be with you in spirit on the 31st and we will keep your whole family in our prayers.

    Mary Lou

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