Had a myelogram this morning. Granted, only got about 6 or 7 hours sleep, but I am just wiped out. Is that normal? I have fatigue problems, and I want to determine whether this exhaustion is typical after a myelogram, or is the fatigue coming from something else?

Showed up for myelogram at 8AM. Needed a lot of blankets post-myelogram because I was feeling horribly cold. Came home noontime, got in bed and passed out until 6PM. Got up, fed cats, drank a lot of seltzer & apple juice, ate some chips, came back to bed and I have been fighting to keep one eye open (it's 8PM). Only drug they gave me was lots of lidocaine in my rear end before introducing the needle. But I feel like I'm waking up from full anesthesia, and I'm not winning the battle.

Comments, anyone?