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Thread: Pain Management

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    That's terrible Colleen. Can your GP refer you to a scoli specialist or another pain doctor? It's a slow, frustrating and expensive business, finding a doctor who can help, but I hope you can push on.
    Surgery March 3, 2009 at almost 58, now 63.
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    I'm a bit frustrated and tired. I didn't anticipate this 9 months post-op. I think I need to try to focus on family and work for a while and see if I can manage. I just can't traipse to more doctors right now. It's wearing...especially since I have quite a drive to any decent clinics/areas. I do appreciate all the support from this board. I don't think any of the doctors mean to be "mean" but unless you've really been there you just don't know...I never knew or understood pain/real pain until the last few years...and right now...the pain is awful and all-consuming. My family has, thank God, been very supportive I'm not going to give in to a life of pain..I'm too young. That's why I had this improve my life not the opposite.

    Thanks again all! Time for me to rest now and get ready for another full day of work with the little ones (I love my job - thank goodness. Kids help perk me up

    Have a great week all!

    Always Smilin'

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    I get it, is exhausting trekking from doctor to doctor, hoping to find one who is simpatico with you...i consider myself lucky to have the one in nyc, although most doctors still need some ego stroking, sad as it is...

    if you change your mind, or rest up & feel like giving it another go, maybe there will be some people on forum who can recommend a doctor to you in your area...

    in the of luck...wishing you more comfortable than uncomfortable days...& those kids are lucky...but i know what you mean..they can really take your mind off your own issues for awhile! & in their presence, you can feel joy!


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