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Thread: 15 mo. old surgery and Shriners News

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    15 mo. old surgery and Shriners News

    Sorry- had to start a new thread. We got good news! We really didn't need to go to the clinic with our previous diagnosis but it was well worth the trip. The people (Dr's, nurses, shriners, etc) were WONDERFUL people! The Dr. is expediting Brayden's appt. with the impending surgery date. He actually dictated a personal message to Dr. Betz! specifying that he needed to be seen very soon. He feels there is more than can be done besides the fusion surgery at this point. We're really hopeful. How great is that! They were very nice and impressed with our knowledge of Brayden's issues including the specific vertebrae involved. VERY COOL! I cancelled the consult appts for today and have temporarily cancelled the surgery date as of now. We'll see what happens when we go to Shriners and go from there. Thank you to all of you who suggested this! We should have an appt. this week or next. I'm actually thinking next week as it is in Phila. and we are moving into our new house this weekend. I'll post more as we know more

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    Congratulations, hope all goes well! Keep us informed! Kris, mother of boy/girl twin 14 year olds.

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    Does that mean that we're going to live through this? Actually, my husband and I decided not to have any more children (for many reasons) but because we think we'd really want another set of twins. HOLY $$$$! They are such good kids... just SO busy! They are going to be 16 mo. but I think we hit "2" early. Thanks for the post.

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    Great news about Brayden. I know you will be in great hands with Dr. Betz. Please keep us posted when you find out more news.

    P.S. - I think I have an email from you... sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! Will write soon - I promise.
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