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Thread: Medical Costs - Dr. Boachie

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    Bypass the office staff

    I agree with lelc. You need to go above the office staff & speak directly with Dr. Boachie. It's possible that he is unaware of the situation.
    Mother of Laura, Age 19
    Diagnosed with S curve at Age 13 (49*T/32*L)
    Wore brace for one year (Wilmington Jacket)
    Posterior spinal fusion on April 17, '08 with Dr. Flynn at CHOP (Age 16)
    Fused T2-L2
    Pre-op curves: 41*UT/66*T/34*L
    Post-op curves: 14*UT/19*T/19*L
    Note: At 1 yr. post-op appt, UNFUSED lumbar curve improved to 14*!!
    OK to email me at:

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    Sounds like Dr. Boachie’s office really drops the ball when it comes to administrative type stuff. The last think you need is to be treated like this at a time when your emotions are already stressed to the max. And this is not the first time I am hearing of this. I personally know of two people from the Chicagoland area who attempted to see Dr. Boachie for an evaluation and were given the same runaround. They ended up going elsewhere.

    My prayers are with you as you struggle through this maze of beauracracy.


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    I agree. There is probably no one more suited to handle your daughter's surgery. I would insist on speaking directly to the doctor, and also try emailing him at boachie@hss "." edu (note delete spaces and quotes). I am confident that if the doctor spoke with you directly, he would work this out. He is a very compassionate man who wrote off thousands that my insurance didn't pay without so much as a call from us. The staff made us feel like we were going to have to take a second mortgage to pay for the balance, but that was simply not the case. I wish you the very best, and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Mother of a 17 year old daughter. Her "S" curve was 40 degree thoracic from T3 to T9, and a 70 degree rotatory thorcolumbar from T9 to L4. She was operated on March 9th, 2005 by Dr. Boachie-Adjei at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. She was fused from T11 to L3, using an anterior approach, and the major curve corrected to 20 degrees. She's doing great!

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