Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I'm not sure what the technical term for my surgery was but my scar goes down the length of my back.

I didn't even realise having my metalwork taken out was an option to stop the pain until about two weeks before the operation. I went to see my surgeon on the Thursday and then again the following Wednesday, when they took x-rays. The surgeon told me there was a six month waiting list on the NHS for spinal surgery and so my dad decided to pay for it privately because I am going to University in September. The date for the operation was the Tuesday.

I nearly didn't go ahead with the operation because I was worried that I'd rushed the decision but I'm glad I did now. I only had the operation a week ago and I'm already feeling alot better than I was before. I can sit against the backs of chairs and I don't get any pain where I used to. In fact apart from a bit of post op pain I am virtually pain free.

If your daughter is in pain I found that putting ice on the painful spot gave me the best relief. I also used a tens machine now and again. I hope everything goes well for your daughter and her pain is eased. I know how horrible it is to live with constant pain.