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    My son is 15 months old and scheduled for spinal fusion surgery June 10th. We're not sure that this is the best thing for him because he's so young. We are "only" looking at two vertebrae being fused together for the hemivertebrae but still..... we are looking into information at John's Hopkins. Does anyone have any contact information to share with us for a second opinion? We're in a time crunch and need your help! Thanks

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    Dr. Sponseller of Johns Hopkins has been highly recommended to us more than once, but we have not seen him yet. I believe he helps very young children, but if he can't, his office can refer you to a doctor who can.
    Mark & Jane, Parents of Lisa
    Daughter 15 years old
    Posterior surgery was in October, 2005, with Dr. Paul Sponseller at Johns Hopkins. Fused T2-L2 w/4 rib thoracoplasty. Rib and local autograft. All pedicle screw and stainless construct.
    Before: PT 33, MT 63, L 32, kyphosis 46.
    After: PT 7, MT 4, L 15, kyphosis 32.

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